Credit Repair

A credit repair service may be able to help you secure a loan for a vehicle when you have had problems obtaining a loan or credit agreements in the past. At Van Monster, we work with over 20 different finance providers some of whom specialise in “Credit Repair” and may be able to assist you even if you have been denied credit in the past.

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How it works

The Credit Repair specialists have more relaxed lending criteria giving you a better chance of obtaining finance when you have previous problems obtaining credit due to any number of the following reasons:

  • Missed payments
  • Arrears
  • IVA’s
  • Bankruptcy
  • CCJ’s

By meeting the new monthly payments and successfully completing the repayment of the loan, your credit history would now show a successful loan application & completed agreement, improving your credit score and giving you a better chance of being accepted for further credit in the future.

Next Steps

To enquire about these potential Credit Repair services there are two options for you

1) Call Leon Foster – 07718 321 882

Leon is Van Monster’s specialist Lending Unit Manager. Leon will answer any questions you have & explain the process for applying for a loan. Leon will then liaise with you and our lenders to try and obtain a loan agreement for you with the best possible terms.

2) Click the button below

You will be required to enter a few details and will be instantly told how likely you are to be accepted on a loan. This is done without contacting your work, or bank etc. in fact there is no contact with anyone. This preliminary application is invisible and will not show on your personal credit report.

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