For a limited time only, we are giving away a €100 free fuel voucher when you purchase a van from Van Monster.

Van Monster has the largest selection of high quality, used vans. Small, medium or large vans from a wide range of manufacturers and price to suit every budget. Plus, every van comes complete with our Free Van Monster 3 Month Warranty as standard, and Free Breakdown Cover*.

Stop by your local Van Monster Dublin, Cork, Limerick or Galway to find your new van, and drive away with €100 free fuel today!

*Terms & Conditions apply.


Terms and conditions

  1. The offer is available to any retail customer who purchases a van from Van Monster from September 1st to September 30th 2018.
  1. The offer is that we provide you with €100 diesel fuel card with every van purchased in the month of September from one of the following Van Monster sites only:
  1. Dublin
  2. Cork
  3. Limerick
  4. Galway branches
  1. Should the vehicle be returned for whatever reason, the payment of €100 will be immediately due and will be invoiced in full or a pro-rata amount that has been deducted from the fuel card.
  1. The offers are subject to availability and can be withdrawn at any time.
  1. The offers cannot be combined with any other promotional offer and expressly excludes “trade” van purchases.
  1. The purchase of the vehicle is subject to the normal Van Monster Standard T&Cs
  1. The fuel card is offered to you as a limited time reward, the fuel card is not a credit, charge or debit card. Wirecard Card Solutions Limited remains the card owner at all times and by accepting the fuel card you acknowledge and agree to abide by Applegreen’s FromMe2You Gift Card standard Terms and Conditions (which can be found at to the extent that they apply to you as the cardholder.
  1. The fuel card shall be valid for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase by us and you will not be able to use the fuel card once it has expired. The fuel card is non-reloadable
  1. If, for any reason a transaction using the fuel card is processed for a greater amount than the available balance on the fuel card, you must repay the shortfall amount within 14 days of receiving an invoice from us. Should you not repay the amount within 14 days of receiving an invoice, we reserve the right to take all steps necessary, including legal action to recover any monies outstanding.
  1. We may request that you surrender the fuel card back to us immediately at any time.
  1. We may cancel the card at any time if we suspect or have reasonable grounds to suspect:
    1. the fuel card is being used in an unauthorised or fraudulent manner
    2. there is a break of any term in the Van Monsters standard terms and conditions, these terms or Applegreen’s Terms and Conditions
    3. you or a third party has committed or is about to commit a crime or other abuse in connection with the fuel card
    4. if you return the vehicle placed prior to the minimum term period as set out in clause 3 above
  1. you should treat the fuel card as like cash in your wallet. If you lose the fuel card or it is stolen, then the credit on your fuel card may be lost in the same way. See FAQ if the card is lost, stolen, damaged or malfunctions.
  1. If we need to investigate a transaction in which the fuel card is used, you must cooperate with us and/or any other authorised body if required.
  1. Any liability on our part in connection with this agreement shall be subject to the following limitations and exclusions:
    1. No warranty is provided express or implied, in relation to the fuel card. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you save for to the extent that such liability cannot by law be limited or excluded. We shall not be liable for the failure of any retailer to process the fuel card or accept the fuel card. The sale of goods by retailers takes place under the exclusive responsibility of such retailers and you must lodge any claim relating to the sale of goods with such retailers.
    2. Our liability under this agreement for any claims relating to goods purchased by the fuel card is limited to the value initially placed on the fuel card.
    3. We are not liable for any loss of profits, loss of revenue or loss of opportunity or any consequential or indirect loss or damages incurred by you as a result of a claim
    4. Claims by you are waived unless made by registered letter within 10 calendar days from the date of the event triggering the claim
    5. You shall indemnify and hold Northgate, its officers, employees and agents harmless in respect of any losses that are caused by or the result of from negligence or wilful acts or omissions of you
    6. Nothing in this agreement has the effect of limiting or excluding liability of us in respect of a claim arising as a result of the fraud, negligence, or wilful misconduct of us (but for the avoidance of doubt we shall not be liable in respect of a claim arising as a result of the fraud, negligence, or wilful misconduct by any third-party service provider) save to the extent that liability cannot by law be excluded, and provided that we shall in no event be liable for any consequential or indirect loss howsoever arising.
  1. We shall not be liable for any failure or any delay in performance under this agreement arising from or in connection with any event that is not within our immediate control, including, but not limited to failure of network services and data processing systems.