GAP Insurance

Van Monster Now Sell GAP Insurance

To improve our service offering to our customers we now sell GAP insurance provided by Asset Secure.

Further details on our GAP insurance can be found on our GAP Insurance Flyer.

Did You Know?

Over 700,000 vehicles are written-off every year as a resut of accidents and theft.

The Problem

If your van is written-off as a result of accident or theft your insurance provider will often pay out an amount less than the market value at the time of write-off.

This would leave you with a significant shortfall against the price you paid for the van, or any outstanding finance you may owe. This uninsured loss could mean you dont have sufficient funds to replace your van on a like for like basis.

The Solution 

Van Monster now offers Asset Secure GAP Plus; which protects you against your uninsured shortfall and provides even more than standard GAP insurance policies.

For a one off premium you would be protected in the event of a motor insurance claim. Asset Secure GAP Plus would pay the difference between your insurance settlement and the original invoiced purchase price or outstanding finance balance, whichever is the greater. Protection is available for 3 and 4 years for both cash and finance purchases.

The Asset Secure Difference - Since 1992

Market and Insured Value GAP policies would pay you the difference between the pre-write-off Market or Insured Value of your van and your original purchase price, regardless of the actual insurance settlement amount. In many cases this can be significantly lower than the amount you would receive with an Asset Secure GAP policy, as insurers pay out on average less than 65% of your van's value.

For further information on GAP insurance or to find out how to purchase GAP insurance from Van Monster, please use the enquiry form below or visit your local branch to speak to a member of our team.


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